12+ Unique 😂 Funny Questions And Answers 👌

funny questions and answers

Unique Funny Questions And Answers

1) How to see the World at a Lower Price?

By Buying Atlas 😂

2) Why Cattle Graze?

Because they have a mouth 😂

3) How Doctors tell the Heartbeat 72 times per Minute?

By Mouth 😂

4) How Chintu stays Healthy for 8 days without Sleep?

Fell asleep during the Night. 😂

5) How many Pencils can you put in an Empty Box?

Only one: Because once a pencil is put in, it will not be Empty 😂

6) A man jumps out of a plane without a parachute, and he is safe. How?

The Plane has already landed 😂

7) Why distant hills look smooth?

Because we Will see 😂

8) What happens if you run for 60 minutes without stopping?

The Hour passes 😂

9) What should we do to improve Good our Time?

By Cleaning Watch 😂

10) How to write exams to get the First Rank?

With A Pen 😂

11) What comes Down but, does not go Up?

Rain 😂

12) What Should Someone do if they want to be a Movie Hero?

The film should be made 😂

14) What is in the middle of Rama and Sita?

And 😂

If 3 cats kill 3 mice in 3 minutes, how long does it take for 100 cats to kill 100 mice?

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